Town and Country Virtual World edition


Maturity and craving a certain quality of life happens even in a virtual world.  After spending many years fooling around and trying many things I would never do in real life I found myself craving a different experience.  Some of you have followed my journeys and wild life in the clubs, sex venues and spending wildly in the stores.  Along the way I met a group of people who showed me through actions that another type of experience existed on the grid.  With my love of art and my returning ability to explore different techniques with the firestorm viewer as my medium;  and art as a way to work through the lingering affects of a traumatic brain injury I decided a change was in order.  Many of my pictures on flickr are of my experiments in building across multiple sims in Second-Life.  Instead of having many build sites I decided to focus on one main build.  A home in The Grove on the Park Avenue Sim.

The New Manor


My new build site is a French style Chateau I fell in love with.  Its soaring ceilings, large open rooms and incredible terraces screamed live here.  I took the plunged and set about decorating and creating a new life experience.  Firstly large homes are amazing and so very difficult to furnish.  I thought with my inventory bulging at the seems and approaching the first inventory lag tier I would have no problem.  Of course you never have the right thing for a new home.  I went room to room rezzing what I had and decided one object after another that my new gorgeous home deserved better.  What does an avatar do when embracing the town and country lifestyle do?  SHOP!! I went from event to event and all my favorite furniture stores.  It was during this time I decided that if I was going to go to the trouble of decorating I may as well do what I love and do photos along the way.  Over the next few blog entries I will share my finds and experiences in creating the my dream home.

Getting around The Grove in style


I have this wonderful car from Haru Motors and it is the perfect car to go to MacClintons to listen to some live singers or just to tour the fabulous sims filled with parks and gorgeous homes.  Driving in Second-Life is an experience unlike any other.  Who Knew sim borders could created some unforgettable visuals.  Not to mention the fact it has a fly setting LOL.

Off to Shop for more Furniture and Curated Objects


So many rooms so much prim!!


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