Sepia Sailing


Having fun messing around with sepia for the first time. This picture came from a shoot where a different shot was selected. Thirst Tease(color version below) was the picture I chose as the commercial content was easily identified.  I fell in love with sepia sailing because it reminding me of the days when I would sail around in the Puget Sound.  Which leads me to consider when doing pictures which is more important the objective, the art or the feeling you get from the content?


Conventional wisdom would say that the light should hit the object I want to show and that simple is better.  In Sepia Sailing you would never know I was trying get my audience to pay attention to the bathing suit as it is almost lost in a sea of objects.  In the color version you can clearly see the swimsuit and with photo shop I was able to amplify two colors red and blue, nautical colors which are frequently used in naval flags and decoration.  The remaining colors are neutrals to not draw attention.

I would love to hear what other artists think on this question.  Any feedback would be great as I am so new to this medium.



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